Version 1,02 released

Today I released version 1.02, a bug was reported on the resolution setting that was annoying and some resolution modes were not supported by every graphic card. The menu system was written in 2018 on that version of Unity and Unity changed some features that were not adjusted in my first version. It took me one night reading to find out how to fix this. Also I now call the systems API to obtain a list of available resolutions and filter my dropdown with these, so all resolutions shown are valid on the players computer. Also I found a little syntax error in one of the text lines and that was fixed too. And one collider was a little to big, it could block the way sometimes, I also fixed that. The code signing was also a little problem, it seems that Microsoft is not accepting SHA1 any more and the signing date was not present. Both problems were fixed in this version. 

Regards, Hein Pragt


setupAmerwold102.exe 173 MB
Oct 24, 2021

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